Connect with the maze to my mind

Connect with the maze to my mind

Multidimensional Beings; our consciousness has been & still is, hijacked and stuck in a vibratory prison.
Awareness, N-no O-other W-way//
I Still don't have a job because introversion took over.
I like being isolated. but it doesn't compromise with being alive.

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'Isn’t a person just a collection of their mistakes, and also their, kind of, undoing of their mistakes? I mean, what else are you? You know, you’re always…you’re always just the reaction to the bad parts of yourself, I think. And I think that’s what is kind of like, a driving motivation behind any human being that’s…who wants to continue to grow and live life. ‘Cause they’re looking at their flaws and trying to, go beyond it. And I think that a person, you know, essentially dies when they think that they found themselves, ya know? Unless you want to admit that you, yourself, are not an individual, and are just part of a whole…movement of ideas, and thought, and culture, and humanity and, furthermore, the universe, and everything — unless you really feel like that, and you’re walking through walls, you know, you are always trying to find yourself. And it’s usually a person who believes that they’ve found “the answer” — found “the end” — that there actually is a psychological end. And then what’s the point of, you know, doing anything after that?'

Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen





Keng Lye - Alive without Breath (2013) - Hyperrealistic sea animals created using acrylics and epoxy resin, layer by layer


I will reblog this artist’s works every time it comes on my dash omfg

I literally had his artwork explained to me one time, and I still don’t understand it. It’s just amazing.

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I’m always swimming
Against the flow of the tide
Kissing the life into something
That’s already died

You said that you could hear bells
In the traffic below
I could hear sirens and car engines
Fighting the snow

I’ve been drowning forever
I’ll let go, I’ll dive
Into the river&

All I ever wanted was to cut open my stomach
Let the butterflies go back home, that’s all I know
That’s Prozac, notes pass through me
Usually, I don’t show that spooky side
I hide a mile high, shine so bright I might go blind
Idle eyes, rifle sights, cycle go through my vital signs
With a title fight, never rival side and silly motherfucker with a psycho mind
I go on a high note like a Bible line, but I don’t lie though
So fire those, nice rifles at my temples, watch me die slow
Watch ‘em all agree I’m monster in the pm
And marijuana Tijuana caught up in Tequila
Onomatopoeia when the heart beats off-beat
I don’t wanna be another xerox
Copy, watch me, re-animate a zombie
Melancholy’s always on my mind, my my mind to find
My mine own guidelines that I know, they’ll probably bite soon
So when High Noon comes, I’ll set down my two guns
Tick-tock, quickdraw, instant, these holes are my own flesh
Count to five, bound and tied and blindfolded
They ready, they aim and now I’m so