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Multidimensional Beings; our consciousness has been & still is, hijacked and stuck in a vibratory prison. Awareness, N-no O-other W-way///// Wake up.

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"They tell God want to do, as if he didn’t know. Then they tell the people to do, as if they could or wanted to/ &

 then they sing religious nursery rhymes. 

Roman catholic church, unintellible service.”

Alan Watts

The whole art of poetry, is to say what can’t be said.
-Alan Watts






The concept is simple. Take a blank sheet with nothing but the basic outline of a pinup girl and illustrate a unique scene around her.”

holy FUCK.

I’ll probably always reblog this cuz it’s just mind-blowing, holy cow

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Dreamy cosmic illustrations by Gervasio Troche

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In the mornings
I was anxious;;
It’s better just to stay in bed
Didn’t want to fail myself again

Running through all the options
&the endings were rolling out in front of me
But I couldn’t choose a thread to begin

& I could not love
Coz I could not love myself
Never good enough,
That was all I’d tell myself
& I was not well
But I could not help myself
I was giving up on livin’

&&all the dead ends
&& disappointments
Were fading from your memory
Ready for that lonely life to end

Over a year, just an apathstronaut who changed a lot of ways, still waiting for this to pass or not, it’s quite a delay, Sincere to Solipsism syndrome, which is and has been my continuous position, rapid reverse instead of evoluting a solution, completely indifferent, letting time dissolve, what does it matter since I’ve forgotten how to talk I guess it’s gotten pretty severe.

but those aren’t my words of choice;also forgotten how to cry, my tear ducts closed off, and I’ve lost my voice, this society has become like hemorrhoids, and I can’t go anywhere but here. I love being a symptom of this universe, but it’s the so called intelligence that is trying to overpower earth, a system that makes everything worse, making us be-lie-ve in separateness, is only making people unlearn, they sanitize, to keep effortless lies. , but the Oh big masterminds forget we need dirt,. mud, even fungi, we and all else are intertwined , they’ll keep washing their hands, and the time will only dry, in a sense, it’s almost Naive suicide.

Solipsism syndrome:

refers to a psychological state in which a person feels that the world is not external to his or her mind. Periods of extended isolation may predispose people to this condition;;


personal unrest, alienation, and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose or ideals